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New Exhibit - Lemon Drop Salon

Come and see some great new images at the Lemon Drop Salon (1954 Angus St., 2nd Floor)
Featuring Metal Prints - Glossy, Matte and Brushed Metal

Photo Notecards are also available at the Salon - come and check them out

View sample Notecards

Red Barn

My Favourite Red Barn

Acrylic Print 18" x 24"


Crocus Family

Metal Print 12" x 18" (sold)




Back Yard and Bicycle

Brushed Metal Print 18" x 24" (sold)


Reflecting Nature

Metal Print (glossy) 12" x 18"



Cathedral Grove

Cathedral Grove

Metal Print (glossy) 12" x 18"

Coastline in the afternoon

Castlepoint Afternoon

Framed Print (sold)

automn leaves

Early Frost

Metal Print (matte) 13" x 20"

water ripples


Metal Print (glossy) 12" x 18"

victorian houses in San Francisco

Postcard Row

Framed Print 14" x 18"

autumn leaves with backlighting

Birch Forest in Autumn

Framed Print 16" x 20"

river, moss and mist

Late Autumn Afternoon Mist on the Island

Framed Print 14" x 16"

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