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My images are a variety of scenes and ideas that interest me.  These include hoar frost, abstracts, textures, patterns in nature, black and white, ordinary things and places near and far. I like to experiment with various techniques to present a different view of a subject in order to keep an open mind and because it's fun.  

Many subjects are interesting even if they are not the most beautiful. I subscribe to the idea of wabi-sabi which I interpret as finding beauty in things imperfect and worn.   This is very subjective.   Consider the statement   'It is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete; a beauty of things modest and humble, a beauty of things unconventional' (Leonard Koren).

When not looking for interesting images, I work at my day job in the systems field and continually chase after my (now just one) beautiful girl Keiko.

Brandy the shoe thief (in memory)
Keiko and Brandy
Keiko and Brandy

Nature is beautiful.    Let's keep it that way.

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